Review – Templatic Directory Theme For WordPress

Review - Templatic Directory Theme For WordPress
Directory Wordpress theme is a very tool that lets you create an amazing and user friendly record site for different services like hospitals, hotels, bookshops and more.
Review - Templatic Directory Theme For WordPress

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            Directory WordPress Theme review
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            Presenting an old trend in a new and technological way is what Directory WordPress theme enables you to do. Most of us or our parents can easily remember the time large directory books were used to search for numbers of different people or facilities.

            Directory WordPress Theme Review

            • Directory WordPress theme just computerizes this task and makes it easier than its previous method.
            • Firstly Directory WordPress theme is very easy to install; just purchase and click auto-install button and voila! Your site just looks like the demo with settings already done.
            • For developers Directory WordPress theme feels like a blessing now that they can import and export complete data using .CSV file, they can manage the site using advanced settings, front and back end list managements both by you and your users.
            • Easy search options from the ones pre-present or the ones you can create yourself.
            • Adding custom fields is very easy and not to forget is the Google Maps synchronization.

            One favourite feature is that Google cannot resist your site as it is coded considering the best SEO practices and you also have the option of using the best Plugins available in the market, one such being Schema.org that just increases your site SEO to the heights unimagined.

            Use powerful extensions and Directory WordPress theme also offers 20+ extensions. Enjoy plugins while your site remains fully translatable.

            For business personalities your site would offer 10+ payment gateways and a lot more ways for you to earn.

            Lastly we did not forget the designers, they get a fully responsive canvas like theme that they can experiment with using the advanced colour customizer and create the best they can.

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