Real 3D FlipBook Animation WordPress Plugin

Real 3D FlipBook Animation WordPress Plugin
Way of expressing one’s ideas in the current era is the backbone of establishing the perfect opportunities to enhance their capabilities and businesses. Taking into account the growing trend of presentation and broadcasting via internet using captivating websites that can lure in customers of all kinds we present you with an eBook WordPress Plugin i.e Real 3D FlipBook animation.
Real 3D FlipBook Animation WordPress Plugin

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            Product Details

            • - WordPress eBook
            • - 3D Flipbook
            • - WebGL
            • - PDF jpg Supported
            • - Images Supported

            • - Deep Linking
            • - RTL Supported
            • - Responsive Flipbook
            • - Fullscreen Flipbook
            • - Well documented
            Real 3D Flipbook Animation
            Image Source: CodeCanyon

            Real 3D FlipBook Animation Features

            This 3D FlipBook Animation WordPress Plugin comes with significant elements:

            • The Real 3D FlipBook animation WordPress plugin is easy to install using either of the images; PDF or jpg. Creation of FlipBooks is not a cause to worry anymore.
            • Simply enter in the PDF url or upload jpg images and by using the remarkable library eBook WordPress Plugin provides, create your own FlipBook, upload all pages-single or interactive with links and keys in one go and add any HTML content you wish to.
            • This Flipbook is accessible to all modes of communication-desktop or cell phones and can also create pragmatic 3D graphics and animations.

            Equipped with thumbnails this eBook WordPress Plugin allow modification of substance contained within and can work without the installation of any additional flash players.

            A gallery with 10 bright background patterns and 3 skins let you break the routine of usage of dull colors.

            Improved loading of pages with required subject matter alone, the eBook WordPress Plugin is well recorded and includes buttons to be used.

            Icons present are changeable as per your choice so to make them least hazardous to eye sight. Supportive options of zooming in and out and sharing on social media using this eBook WordPress Plugin are also available.

            If achieving easy to use and attractive FlipBook is your goal then going for Real 3D FlipBook animation is definitely worth a shot.

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            1. Ivan

              April 4, 2017 at 7:23 am

              Look at this for comparing. It is awesome!

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