Tech Crunch: All in one Credible Tech Blog Review

Tech Crunch: All in one Credible Tech Blog Review
Among the strong competition on Inter between the tech websites we have another contender and that none other than Tech Crunch. Tech Crunch has been proudly presenting itself for everything that is related to tech. All your tech news, updates, happenings and discoveries in one place.
Tech Crunch: All in one Credible Tech Blog Review

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            Tech Crunch came to the face of the internet in 2005 in the form of a blog by Michael Arrington. He wanted to share valuable tech information with people and within a year his blog got to be an unofficial place for millions of people to visit.

            From then on the journey continued and now Tech Crunch and other websites under the same name are able to gather around 12 million unique visitors a month. The parties that Michael threw back then were more or less tech gatherings which are now turned into whole conferences and are attracting more and more people every time. Here is our Tech Crunch WordPress showcase review.

            Tech Crunch Overview

            In our Tech Crunch website review we fround more than 43 employees are hired to make sure that Tech Crunch is able to deliver specific, honest tech news, reviews, happenings, discoveries and creativity to you all the time. These staff members are more like a family that is helping build the family business into something much greater than it was.

            Tech Crunch Website review

            Along with the family is the list of contributors who believe this tech blog to be a worthy place to deposit all their tech reviews and opinions. So you are not looking at just another tech website rather a beautifully structured family of people working in harmony to create magic every single day.

            Heavily updated tech blog

            Tech Crunch revolves around a few key points, which I will briefly explain here. To begin with we have news from all across the world about all discoveries, happenings with tech companies and anything that has something to do with technology.

            Seperate Video Section

            We have a video section that has amazing visual graphic to show what the techs are these days with gadgets and what not. Then we have the events section to cover up all conferences that will be happening or have happened. The most interesting part I thought was the Battlefield.

            Yes you read me correct, battle field is a place where 50,000$ is the reward prize for bringing up an innovative app, gadget or anything among these lines.

            Crunch Base

            Moving on we have the Crunch Base, which serves as the article based news which shows the people behind the scene from different tech companies. The Unicorn leaderboard is a place which shows companies that reach a 1Billion mark because of what they do, I am getting an idea here 😉

            A Credible source for tech news

            All in all I would say that Tech Crunch seems to be a very credible website which not only has a bigger game to play but also due to its honest tech news, reviews and information has been able to secure some really loyal customers.

            The website and the people behind it are working hard and it shows from the way the website presents itself. Not sure about the numbers but the news credibility and the place to show off your skills is pretty amazing.

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